Thursday, 1 September 2011

Under the Stairs

In most homes the hallway is the first room of the house that guests see, it has the potential to set the scene for the rest of your home and gives people the first impression of, not only your home, but an insight into you as an individual, yet most hallways are neglected, treated as a means to an end, simply  a place to get to all the other rooms in the house. 
To help make your hallway feel more like a room try finding some unique pieces that can act as a talking point for your guests, quirky hooks, a vintage coat stand or an antique console table. A rug can add warmth and a wall display such as a mirror or pictures can provide a focal point.

Currently our hallway feels small because the staircase is solid, there aren't any spindles, which really closes the room in. I would love to knock out the area under the stairs and line an old bench with gingham cushions, spot lights shining down on it for a lovely area to get ready before you go out. Or, perhaps a place to collapse after a long walk. I also want to add spindles rather than solid wall to help create a greater sense of space.
I saw in a magazine a few years ago a stair case that had mismatching spindles, they had reclaimed them and painted them in complimentary colours. It looked fabulous.

What would you change about your hallway given the chance?



  1. looks amazing! I would definitely love living in a house like that!xx

  2. I'd get rid of all the clutter for starters, my parents hate throwing things away! They also have no taste when it comes to interior design and are still avid fans of mahohgony and antique looking things.
    I just hate our house really, horrid carpets, horrid cupboards. It's all outdated and lacks that personal feel.
    You need some pictures up of your house when you're done with it :)




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