Friday, 9 December 2011

Recent Bad Weather

Hi Everyone, It's been weeks since my last blog post, I've been itching for weeks to add new pics and show you what I've been up to but for the last fortnight we have been without internet!!!! This was meant to be only a short post but I thought you might be interested in my long little story...

We have had some fierce weather in the UK recently and the telephone company have been diabolical at sorting us out! We initially had an engineer come out a few hours after reporting the problem, great, I thought, the lines will be back on in a few hours. No! He made some half arsed attempt of an excuse that the telephone pole wasn't safe to climb on his own, all he could do was make the cable safe (it was split in half across the road) and that someone would come out the next day to reconnect us; but the following day no engineer materialised. Apparently we hadn't confirmed that we actually wanted the line reconnecting!!!! Really, where do they find these buffoon's that work in the call centres!!!! Do they think that I disconnected the line myself as a way of switching provider?!

 We did have one man who came out, had a look and said that his ladder wouldn't do and a cherry picker was needed (this however "...might take an hour or so to arrive..." and so he left). An hour or so has now turned into 5 days.
Despite the daily fa├žade of calling the company, and hollow promises this arcane cherry picker is yet to materialise.
I know you must be thinking by now that we're dealing with some dodgy rogue telephone company?! What is this God awful company that we're dealing with I hear you ask. None other than BT, a company that prides itself on being the oldest tele-communications company in the country.

Well welcome to the 21 Century BT, it's about time you caught up with the rest of us!
Oh and I'm hoping for a refund of my mobile bill this month. Merry Christmas!!!!!!


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