Monday, 15 August 2011

So long Sweet Summer

The days are getting shorter and the nights are starting to draw in. It's August and the leaves are already starting to turn! Autumn is biting at our heels.
I'm not moaning though, I love Autumn, the Summer can become unbearable for me, particularly being hundreds of miles away from the coast. I don't know why I complain, we only had 2 days of Summer this year.

Autumn to me is a time to eat the fruits of our harvest (the vegetable patch at the bottom of the garden) and bake pies.  Nothing reminds me of Autumn more than the smell of a hot pecan pie straight out of the oven, a big dollop of clotted cream on the side and a cup of tea to wash it all down with.

As the nights are starting to get longer there are more and more excuses to cosy up, create a little ambiance and light a few candles. Last winter I decided to customise a few of my own.

It couldn't be quicker or more simple. All you need is some candles, a glue gun (bought cheaply from any craft store) and the decoration of your choice. Last year I used dried chilies, cinnamon and my own family tartan.

This year I might try decorating some candles with dried orange slices or acorns.  What are you going to go for?

Top Tip: Once large candles have burnt away a little, place a tealight in the centre and light that. It saves the lovely large candle from burning away.

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