Thursday, 11 August 2011

Keep Out of the Kitchen

If I had to categorise my choice of home decoration, it would fall into the traditional/country/classic genres. However, I do like to add a bit of a contemporary twist with my accessories

I have just moved back home from university for a few months to help save money. We have lived in our family home for almost 6 years and we are yet to put our own stamp on the house....Whenever I come home,  I pester my parents as to what's going to get sorted next, and the look of enthusiasm worry on my mums face seems to sum up her trust in my DIY skills!

To better introduce you into what my sort of style is, and where I get inspiration from I thought I'd start with my kitchen, which I am currently in the process of refitting!  Giving a tired room new life doesn't have to cost mega bucks, often a new lick of paint, new soft furnishings and rearranging furniture can transform a room in no time at all.

Skipping Stone
I have painted the walls in our kitchen much more of a stony colour (Farrow and Ball Skimming Stone), the room is north facing and the light cream walls often made the room feel grey due to the lack of light; and the kitchen cupboards, instead of changing, have also had a freshen up with a nice cream eggshell (The Little Greene Company Hollyhock)
As for the floor, the ancient discouloured lino had to go. We did contemplate laying a new lino as it is relatively cheap and the quality is much better these days. For a kitchen it is practical considering how clumsy I can be with spilling things.  However we opted for tiles. The tiles are porcelain but in a terracotta style, which really add much needed warmth to the room, and at a fraction of the cost.
To again cut the costs we decide to lay the floor ourselves!!! I was completely daunted at the prospect, but there are some good youtube videos that help and make it straight forward.
This was a good day
The new worktop is being delivered today. We decided on a solid oak, again to add some warmth and sense of space, as I feel a dark granite worktop would have closed the room in. All we need then is the last finishing touches but I will keep those a secret for now...


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  1. Can't wait to see the finished results! Looking forward to your next post!
    Natasha xxx



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