Sunday, 21 August 2011

English Rose

This weekend my parents held a party in celebration of their 25th Wedding Anniversary.  Whilst mum had been worrying if there was enough wine for her everyone and dad had wondered if there was going to be enough steak to go round I was busy worrying how I was going to arrange the table.

I bought a couple of bunches of roses and cut some hydrangeas from out of the garden. The bright pink and the dusty pink were perfect in contrast to each other and the bunch of white roses that I also bought.  I found that by buying the flowers and arranging them myself saved me a great deal of money. I couldn't believe it when I saw a similar bunch of roses that cost £75!!! My flowers cost me £10. 

I arranged the roses in a couple of small glasses, the first bunch was a single white rose with alternating bright and dusty pinks. The second bunch of roses I did the inverse, with a central bright and dusty pink rose surrounded by white roses.  The hydrangeas I tied together, cut the stems short and placed in a teacup.  If I'd had more I would have loved to have placed all of the flowers in teacups. Perhaps this is the perfect excuse to buy some more? 

Left: dotcomgiftshop
Right: cake stand from V and A Museum

The table cloth I bought for very cheap, from the supermarket. Being paper made it so quick to wrap up all of the rubbish and throw away this morning. It also saved time on washing and ironing.  With so many colours and patterns to choose from I think paper tablecloths are a smart choice.

The British Summer weather unfortunately let us down so we had to bring everything inside, but once it got dark, and with subdued lighting the room had a really warm feel to it.
As a finishing touch I gave the fruit, the flowers and the cupcakes a dusting of edible glitter, this went down extremely well with the ladies, but the men were left looking rather baffled with this idea. Personally, food can never be glittery enough!

I was really happy with how it all turned out, and judging by the state of the house this morning everyone else had a wonderful night...


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